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Abandoned lines
When the railroad in our country began there wasa large network serving the most towns and
villages.After all those railroads became onewhich today is named OSE (official logo in top
of page) strange things started to happen.
Mismanagment , incapable people in vital positions, rolling stock mistreatment and money seekers made the railroad as itis today:wrecked.Many lines got closed because of no rolling
stock existence or bad track condicion or sometimes because the line was too profitable and
some persons that want the RR to die and be soldto others didn't want that line to exist anymore.

Lines closed until today:

Line name:
Operated until:
Reason the line was closed:
Bus owners benefits.
Milies village got too small
Conversion:never happened
28 October 1998
Bad track condicion
Late 1980

Those N/A fields are going to be filled soon.I'll have to search for those dates.

Extra info:
   Athens-Lavrio line was too profitablesince it served those workers working in the mines.
Mines got closed and OSE finally found a reasonto say that the line was unprofitable.
That's what OSE said.But there were still MANYpeople using the train.Buses were almost
empty so bus owners decided they had to do something about it.With threats at OSE they achieve
what they want.Athens-Lavrio line is down andbuses get FULL.Today there is an attempt to
repair that line in some sections by individualsand get it working for historical reasons.

   Volos-Milies line was operating with steam until Milies village got too small.Line was closed until 3 yearsago when 2  steam engines were repaired and today we have the onlysteam in
the country operating every weekend for historicalreasons.That line may be closed again
because it attracts too many people and OSE doesn't want that.

   Paleofarsalo-Volos line was closedto be converted from 1 metre gauge to standard gauge.
Necessary stuff was brought in order for theworks to begin but those works never started.
Now those stuff are in danger of getting stolenand who knows maybe they are!!!
Note that conversions take time and cash to bemade and of course new engines are needed
so we reach a conclusion that the "conversion"was fake.All this was made for the line to be
closed and more money to be wasted.

   Pirgos-Katakolo 12km long line wasclosed due to bad track condicion.Of course OSE didn't
want that line to be working anymore so theyleft the line until it was severely damaged and
became inoperable.Note that the line is 1 metregauge.The line has become so dangerous that
even special trains can't use it!! 12km is notthat long to be repaired but....

  !!I dont have any information about the closure of the Krioneri-Agrinion line.It could have been
good line with a lot of future connections..... However they shut it down... The future bridge of Rio-Antirio
could also have been a rail connection too... But.... No.

Note:There are some more closed sections.I willput them there as soon as I get the info.

So we conclude that those lines will alwaysbe ...

Abandoned RR stock.
Of course abandoning lines is not only what our RRsuffers from.Mistreatment of the rolling stock made engines become wrecksor suffer from serious mechanical failures.Also bad training
of people working in the engines made them becomeas they look today.

Until I get info for engines that are totallydestroyed I will only give info about engines running
in BAD condicion.

Here's a small list of engines in real bad condicion:

1.ADtranz  Brought to replace MLWs those engines are now used in the most lines.They have
2700hp engines (2 X 1300) .They arrived herein perfect condicion but since OSE stopped
bringing spare parts for them those engines suffertoday from mechanical failures.Of course
those engines are used widely today but for howlong will they last???
Note that OSE still owns cash for those engines.

2.MLW MLWs are quite old.They were widely used until those ADtranz engines were bought.
OSE was so fool enough to buy the same horsepoweragain instead of getting 4000hp engines
which can beat steep grades and haul more cargo.Those MLWs are used for freight today and
for some passenger services.Suffering from seriousmechanical failures several MLWs were
abandoned.Spare parts are hard to find sinceMLW industries is past...
Of course bad training of the people workingthese engines made them to become wrecks more
quickly.[Think this:they leave all engines ONall night because next morning that the engine has
to be used they can't start it!!!!!!!! Of coursenoone was trained to start those engines correctly.]

3.Ganz Those engines were bought from Austria.They are in better condicion from the MLWs
but they are very rare.You can find some of themin Volos.Larisa-Volos route is also made
by them.Having the engine running 24hours a daymade them suffer from failures too.
They need serious repairs but noone cares aboutthem anymore.

4.Intercity trains [new] Thosetrains are still in good condicion!They were recently bought
and because they have the most expensive passengerfees they keep them in good condicion.
They are the only trains that have air-condicioning.The air-condicioning system is one of the
worst ones since you can't adjust temperatureeasily.It's just HOT and COOL!!!

5.Alco [1 metre gauge engines.] Ihave no information about them.

Note:All content of this page hasbeen found after personal search.(some friends also helped).Page is notOSE's , it's mine.

More information available upon request.

Last updated:7 September 2001.

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