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  1868-1904 ''First trains''
Before electricity was used steam was the train power source.Here the first tracks were built from Pireas to Thissio.February 1968 was the month that the first steam train made the route Pireas to Thissio in 19 minutes.It had 6 wagons and it used a steam engine.In 1889 a tunnel was built from Thissio to Omonoia.The company that handled trains was named ''Athens-Piraeus railroads''.More trains were added and more wagons were used until 1904...
  1904-1951 ''Electricity''
In 1904 the first electric trains arrived in Greece.They were constructed by Baume&Marpent
and they were made of wood.In 1924 Siemens installed a new control system.There was an
expansion in 1926 from Omonoia to Attiki (Monastiraki-Attiki is underground).Also Greek
Electric Railroads takes control of trains...
 In 1944 the bombing in Pireas destroys everything (trains & station).
 In 1948 the line is expanded until Kifissia where it stopped.
  1951-1983 ''New trains''
Since old trains didn't have much space new trains were bought from Germany.Arrangements are made with Man-Siemens and trains arrive at 1951.Until 1968 new trains were built and brought here.In 1976 another state controlled company takes train control.It's initials are HSAP
which means [Athens Pireaus Electric Railroads].In 1982 station Irini was built which is used
until today as a train garage too.[After 4 am three trains that make Patissia-Tavros route  stop there][Also after 9:00am many trains that make Irini-Pireas route stop there].
   1984-Today ''Disaster''
Before newer trains arrive HSAP decides to bring some trains constructed by LEW.Their type is LEW GIII.Those trains started working instantly but not for long.
In 1984 arrangements are made again with Man-Siemens for the construction of new trains.Even the old trains were good they wanted to retire them.So new trains arrive in 1984 and they were instantly began to work.All old wooden trains are retired but some old Man-Siemens trains as well.HSAP said that only trains that were used until 1925 retired but thats false.
 In 6 February 1989 a new station ''Tavros'' was built.[Also used as a train line changer...]
 In 27 March 1989 another new station ''KAT'' was built.(KAT is a hospital).
In 1994 new trains are constructed in Greek Shipyards.These trains were supposed to replace old Man-Siemens trains.When HSAP got control of the trains all went wrong.Trains that were supposed to be for underground use only are used today as primary trains.Thats not all!!
Today HSAP has a terrible deficit.I think that is due to bad ticket control and from the new trains that were bought.(trains cost some cash!!!)
If they want to get better i think they have to sell the ''blue'' trains to Athens Metro repair those trains in Faliro and add some more ticket controls.[Percentage of a ticket check during 2 hours
in a train is 4%!!!!!]
|Train chaos is what i would say...|
Note:Trains built in Greek Shipyards are from AEG-Siemens (parts)

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