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So you are interested about those trains andyou want to find some information about them and noone gives it to you.
Here is ALL you need and don't need to know aboutour trains...
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Current ACTIVE rolling stock.

All electric trains here are handled by a statecontrolled company name HSAP.Actually HSAP
are the initials of it.
It means:Athens-Piraeus electric trains.

There are  three types of active electrictrains here.
1)Man-Siemens |built in 1960|
2)LEW GIII      |built in 1984|
3)Man-Siemens |built in 1984|
4)Aeg-Siemens  |built in 1994|
5)Adtranz          |built in 2000|

You will wonder what are the differences between all them.
We'll see each train seperately.

Man-Siemens  [1960]
Actually first electric trains came here in 1904by Baume & Marpent.
Those trains are now retired exept 2 kept fortrack repairs and 1 for Sunday specials.
After those the Man-Siemens trains arrived in1950.With some small differences the newer
Man-Siemens trains are built in 1960.
Man is the engineering company that took partin manufacture as well as another company with
the letter "K" as initial.
Those trains have leather confortable seats,largewindows and the inside of them is made of wood.
Those trains are what I characterise masterpieces.If you ever get into one you will see.
Their control system is a hard one!Unexperienceddrivers often find it hard to handle them and
make lots of mistakes.(like hard braking)
That's why you control the acceleration and brakesseperately.
Notice the soft suspension of those trains.You'lllike this!
LEW GIII  [1984]
After the failure of their variations we borrowedfrom [I don't know!] we decided to get some
other LEW's.So the first LEWs arrive here in1984.
Those trains have better electronic system fromthe Man-Siemens mentioned before but their
structure is not that good.
As you will see when you get in one of thosetrains the inner of them is nothing but plastic.
Small seats number and that a luggage wagon doesn't exist make those trains a total failure for
our railways.Also suspensions are too hard andtrip becomes shaky!
Those trains have senstitive brake system.
Brakes are too hard so be careful!
Man-Siemens  [1984]
HSAP decided that other trains were getting old.Sothey made arrangements with Siemens once
again and they took the most badly constructedtrains ever.
Although those trains have a quite good electronicsystem,good suspension and sound warning
before the doors close the inner of them is badlydesigned.
Plastic seats which made their first appearncein LEWs are now widely used.
Unconfortable and small of course.
To put 4 entry doors on each wagon they sandwitched the space in it.So we have 8 more seats
but less space for passengers that are not sitting.
Also widows are terribly small making the wagonhot especially in summer.
Air-condicioning doesn't exist and the ventilationsystem used doesn't do anything.
Driving of these trains is easy.One lever andyou handle acceleration and brakes.
Aeg-Siemens  [1994]
Of course they are almost the same as the onesbefore but they have the following differences:
a)handler between the doors doesn't exist anymore
b)better electronic system
c)too easy to drive them
d)a little wider windows
e)doors now use less pressure
Their design is very bad.
They use them a lot though because they thinkthat handle more people and run faster but that's
wrong.They use them because they are constructedin Greek Shipyards and they don't have to
take spare parts from other countries.Also theycost a lot of cash and HSAP likes that!
Get into one.See it.Go into an older and tellme which had the best design.


Adtranz!!! Yes that company entered ISAP too....
Same bad design as the previous ones let us see that ISAP is not going to build anything good.....
The only good thing in those trains is the interior lighting... Pretty good!
Wasted money as I can say.....
Of course no sun shades in windows.And still the bad seats.
Metro trains have a better design than those things.....

What are the conclusions?
Older trains have better design almost the samespeed as the new ones and the only they require
is good drivers and some repairs.Newer trainscan be massively produced but they can't compete the older ones.Their innersucks.
Air condicioning is not present even in the featured trains of the Metro!So be prepared to burn!

Train capacities

Older trains have less doors per wagon but morespace for non sitting passengers.
Seat number is almost the same.
LEW's have the less seats...Tons of space butseats are badly put into the wagon.
Newer trains have 4 or 8 more seats (wow!) BUTless space for non-sitting passengers.
Be prepared to get squished if you are goingto Kifissia!

Man-Siemes [1960] :More passengers less seats(-4)
LEW  [1984]  :Less seats more passengers;not many passengers
Man-Siemens & Aeg-Siemens [1984-94] :Lesspassengers more seats (+8)

Of course old trains win again.......

Old trains vs. new

You saw the differences before but I'm going topresent them alone...

LEW:good electronics/BAD inner design/few seats/hard suspension/small windows.....   [20%]
Man-Siemens 1994:best electronics/BAD inner design/more seats/small windows/good suspension/no luggage wagon/no space                                                                                [40%]
Man-Siemens 1960:poor electronics/much space/enough seats/soft suspension/luggage wagon/
best inner design/best windows.                                                                                           [80%]

Those percents are MY rating for those.Of course old win again.


The only yard for train repair here is locatedin Piraeus.Nothing special since here trains are not
all the time repaired but trashed!Even if wecan do good repairs we don't.
So you will see moving wrecks....
Those Man-Siemens built in 1984 and LEWs arein bad condicion.They do nothing about it.
Actually LEW use better enginnering parts sowe see no LEWs trashed but we see 2 Man Siemens built in 1984 trashed!!
If you want some rolling stock come and get.Repairit and you are ok!!!!
Also you'll see many Man-Siemens built in 1950trashed in Faliro.Repairable of course...

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